The company under the company "MAGE HOTELS & RESORTS SOCIETE ANONYME FOR THE EXPLOITATION OF HOTELS AND TOURIST FACILITIES" and distinctive title "MAGE HOTELS & RESORTS S.A" (hereafter the Hotel) shall process your personal data and in particular: 1. Basic data of an individual (e.g. name, surname, address, phone, email, dates of stay, date of birth etc.), 2. Unique identifiers (e.g. ID Card No., passport number, etc.), 4. Financial data (card number, IBAN), 5. Health data (e.g. allergies), 6. Social welfare data (e.g. disability, etc.), 7. Preference data (e.g. vegetarian, room type, etc.), 8. Evaluation data (e.g. customer satisfaction) and 9. Identification data (reservation number) for purposes related to customer service and reservations management.

We may collect personal data either directly from you, or from affiliated reservation management companies (AXIA and Primal Ress), or from the online platform Webhotelier HLDG LTD. In this context, the provision of the above personal data shall be considered necessary for the fulfillment of this objective and for the implementation of the existing legislation.

Please be informed that the use of such personal data will only be made available to the personnel required by it, to customer management software provision companies, affiliated reservation management companies and affiliated agents (on Line & of Line), who shall be bound by confidentiality and secure processing clauses as regards your personal data. Your personal data shall be processed only within Greece and shall therefore not be transmitted to countries outside the EU unless this is required for regulatory purposes (eg residence confirmation for the issuance of VISA) or for the execution of a contract with travel agencies or following your express consent.

Your personal data shall be retained for the period required by applicable legislation, that is, for the period of limitation of claims up to a maximum of twenty years.

You shall have the right to request from us

  • Access to your data

  • Correction or Deletion of your data

  • Portability of your data

  • Restriction of processing

  • Opposition to processing,

at the email address . Finally, you may file a complaint to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority ( or to the respective authority of your residence in case you consider that the processing of your personal data violates the applicable law on the protection of personal data. You can find more information about the processing of your personal date in our Privacy Policy.

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